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LOGIMOBEL distributes furniture and basic tools nationwide and also at an international level. We have a large fleet of vehicles equipped and marked, apart from uniformed employees. We count with local offices in strategic points of the road network, which allows us to deliver goods between 24 hours and 3 days nationwide. We collect goods in the place you let us know.


LOGIMOVEL offers a complete and personalised logistics service, which goes from reception and storing of furniture and decorative items to distributing them. And thanks to our innovative and effective permanent inventory computer system, you will be able to have direct and exact control of every and each one of your goods, using a key and a password.


LOGIMOBEL does not mind about delivery or service complexities, because we count with the necessary professionals, tools, vehicles, knowledge, experience and flexibility. Our response capacity is guaranteed by a daily distribution which synchronizes a specialised and responsible team. Mounting is made under the best conditions.


Once LOGIMOBEL has furniture and goods in its storehouse, we proceed to reception and supervision of their state, so as to pack them in the most suitable way for their conservation. Then, they are put in a safe play, and inventoried by classifying and labelling them. Their specific references are introduced in our computer system.


Quality transport starts with an adequate packing, especial for each item. In LOGIMOBEL we take charge of packing, transporting and mounting your furniture and goods with discretion and confidentiality. At an unbeatable price, you have full guarantee about a fast, effective and safe move.


In LOGIMOBEL we take charge of everything, so that you can be relaxed and not worried about anything. When professionalism is a must, the value of experience is the key. That is why many companies, institutions and individuals who take part in fairs, expositions or cultural and sports events count on us. In LOGIMOVEL we reinvent ourselves depending on your needs.


Preliminary study

A mover from LOGIMOBEL will visit your company, office or house to look at it at maximum discretion about your goods, and estimate the necessary resources to create a tailor-made budget..

Packing material

If you want to, LOGIMOBEL will provide our special auto-assemblable boxes, so as you to organize your belongings in a calmed way the day before moving. But, if you prefer to, we can also do this for you.

Delicate material protection

No shocking. Our resources have proved effectiveness, and LOGIMOBEL packs works of art, lamps, pictures, antiquities, dinnerware set, etc, in order to protect everything before leaving your old house, office of company.

Furniture and appliances

If it is necessary, our mounting team can disassemble and reassemble your furniture or appliances in the new place. You will have the impression that your belongings haven’t even moved from their usual place.

Unbeatable price

Ask for information and a mover from LOGIMOBEL will contact you to define the details of your move and create a budget which adapts to your needs.