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Raison d’être

LOGIMOBEL’s raison d’être is based on confidence, experience and flexibility; which allows us to give a comprehensive and personalised quality-service. Our objective is to always satisfy our customers, working with transparency, and also showing the knowledge of the sector and all our human and technological potential.

LOGIMOBEL supports innovation, continuous learning of employees, work safety and environment respect constant and unconditionally. Owing to this, we can grow at the same pace as our customers, optimizing and valuing all the links of our strong, varied and flexible logistic and transport service chain.

We plan routes, and we follow the goods precisely, from the load to the delivery and mounting in the agreed destination. With regards to increasing our competitiveness, all LOGIMOBEL services are designed to reduce operative costs, efficiency, safety and quality being the most important values. We are not a conformist company, so we reinvent ourselves daily so as to achieve better results.