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Portugal Service, shuttle service and luggage service.

Portugal Service

Document, small-sized parcels and luggage shipping service, with preferential shipping to Lisbon, Oporto and other main cities in 14/48 hours’ time and in 48 hours for the rest of towns in Portugal

Shuttle service

Shuttle service between Madrid and Barcelona for documents and goods; to be collected at midday and delivered first thing in the afternoon in the capital cities.

Luggage service

Document and small-sized parcel and document collection and shipping service. The destination is fixed, always directed to companies and financial entities, which guarantees the schedule observance regarding collection and delivery, always based on the customers’ needs.

Apart from the usual format of LOGIEXPRESS, this service (daily return) can be suited to special dynamics (1, 2 or 3 times a week/collection and delivery, alternative, etc); to the geographic scope (local, provincial, regional, inter-regional, peninsular, insular); or to content (documentation, small-sized parcels, fixed-route service, correspondence collection and delivery, etc).