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Small and middle-sized parcel and document collection and delivery service; it covers different local offices of LOGIEXPRESS: Bilbao, Vitoria, Donostia and nationwide in 24 hours’ time the day after being collected. Delivery in the capital cities before 2 PM.


Assembled service to be used when your shipments have no urgency to be delivered in the regional (the Basque Country) or Inter-regional (from the Basque Country to Navarre, La Rioja and Cantabria) area. The deliveries are made in the capital cities before 2 PM next day.


Documentation, parcel and luggage shipping services, it assures delivery in nationwide capital cities before 2 PM, next day after the collection; and during the whole day in the rest of towns.

Peninsular service

Parcel and document shipping service, preferential treatment and delivery within 2 PM is guaranteed. Goods will be delivered next day after collection in province capital cities and most important towns, without any extra charge.

Insular service

Parcel and document shipping service that connects with the Canary and Balearic Islands. Daily air-connection allows deliveries within 24/48 hours, apart from taking care of any necessary custom paperwork. This service counts with the support of the leader companies in the sector nationwide.